The windows, doors and two large quad sliders that Martin's team installed are absolutely beautiful. Foxbar finished on time and I was very happy with their work. Also, a brickwork detail was perfectly reproduced by their stone mason.

Wellington Street North, London


Martin connected us to a solarium window company, matching the colours of their product and Foxbar's. Jade chose new interior casings, which were pre sprayed, cutting down the project time for us. They were a great company to work with.

Kirk Drive, Lambeth


We went with Foxbar because they were sincere and cared about our project. We now have new tilt turn windows, and a large triple sliding door. The company did not rush the jobs which we very much appreciated. We love the new look!

Clearview Avenue, London


Martin gave us the windows and doors we dreamed of owning; Jade helped with all design details, exterior colour, new casings, stain matches, tile replacement and drywall repair. It was a large job but we were very satisfied with their work and care.

Maitland Street North, London


Foxbar Window Door Design guarantees that:

We will cover all costs of labour, shipping, removal, re-installation & refinishing of all replacement parts. Our commitment to your service guarantees that you will never pay for any amount of warranty work. Ever.

100% Transferable

Contact FWDD to arrange the full transfer of the warranty to the new home owner via a new USB port. The replacement USB port will be secure and guarantee inclusion of only relevant information. Upon request FWDD will provide the new owner with proper operation and maintenance procedures.


In order to ensure top rated performance and protection against the elements, we offer specialized and expert support at the rate of $85.00 per hour. We use only top rated products. Specific maintenance requirements that are outside of your lifetime warranty include…

  • Re-application of exterior caulking
  • Cleaning and lubrication of window and door hardware components
  • Touch ups to nicks and scratches to paint or stain finishes from regular wear
  • Re-application of interior caulking at transitions between product and woodwork, interior walls, floor finishes
  • Periodic protection against uv ray damage on exterior doors; fibreglass or natural wood (eg: re-application of polyurethane)

Ask us to arrange your yearly maintenance reminder.

Your Foxbar product has been created with sustainability in mind to ensure that your windows and doors bring years of enjoyment and protection to your home and family.